iPad and Android Tablets:

What happens if I forget my Scout ID for the app?

Go login at and go to Reporter Profile and you can see your Scout ID.


How do I get started using the app?

Why do I need to register? 

In order to bring the app to you for free we need crop condition information from various locations.  You can use the app for free because you help populate our site with this information.  The ONLY data we receive is the crop condition information (crop, date, population, irrigation, soil moisture, crop condition, crop stage, % of county planted, state, county and scout ID).  NO client personal information will be sent to the Prairie Farm Club site.

When you use the app and save the scouting and application sheets, the data is sent to the Prairie Farm Club site.  Prairie Farm Club is a site users can go to find how the crop is growing throughout the season.  When you click on Register the app will take you to the Prairie Farm Club site (  Please fill out the reporter registration.  Your information is confidential.  After you submit your registration you will be emailed a Scout ID.  Enter the Scout ID on the main page of the app.  Clink on Sync and check Remember Me.  You now will have full use of the app. By registering, you receive a FREE Silver Membership to the Prairie Farm Club site.  The Silver Membership gives you current crop condition information for free.

You can use the Prairie Farm Club site all you want, and because you become a reporter you get current information.  The more people that use the app the more complete and helpful the data will be. 

To learn the features of the app go to (  If you have any issues or would like different features, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 


Helpful Hints for using eCropScout

All Apps - how do you customize your app? Remember you can change the wording. Example: in the weed app it has wording for the weeds. You can click on the weed and the pull-down will open with a list of the common weeds used and a blank space and Other. Click on a weed in the pull-down list and it will enter that weed. You can also click on the blank area and it will leave the space blank. You can click on Other and the keyboard will open and you can type in a new weed that fits your area. Whatever you type will go into the data base and the pull-down the next time you need it. All the apps have this ability so you can customize your app to your specifications.

You would like to take more than one picture for reference or to show issues in the field. At this point you can attach one map/photo on the back of the scouting/application sheet. You should attach a map/photo and then email the PDF and then separately email the other maps/photos.

What is iBooks? Go to the Apple App Store and download the iBooks app. This app will allow you to store all your PDFs and manage them within the iBooks. When you Save the PDF you are given the option to save it to iBooks or DropBox or other programs that can save PDF files.

What is the difference between the iPad and Android app? When you make a map you need to make it before you enter any data in the middle section. Add the client info and crop condition area at the top of the scouting sheet and then make a Map. If you first add data to the middle area, then go to the Map area and back, the middle data will be lost. This is due to the way the program generates the middle area after you come back from the Map area.

The iPad app will warn you about this situation before entering data in the middle area.

The android tablet you can enter the data anywhere and then go to the map area and you will not lose any data.

Weed App - you can take a picture of weed issues by clicking on Map and then Camera. Take a picture and you can save it to the tablets picture folder. Then click on Get Map and pick the picture you just saved.  You now can draw on the picture and add notes. Save this picture and you can add the picture to the PDF. If you take more than one picture you can save them to the picture folder and then email those as desired. You can only add one map to the PDF.

Planting App - As you plant you can save your seed bag tags and take a picture of them. The picture is saved to the picture folder and you can click on Get Map and click on the picture and write on each tag about the area the seed was planted. If you saved a Jpeg or PDF photo of your field then you could pull the map into the program through the Get Map button. Then you can draw on the areas you planted each variety and you could either draw in the variety name or identify it as area A. Then draw area A on the seed bag tag photo.

The Planting app will automatically determine the bags needed for corn. Fill in the crop, population and acres planted. The click on Bags Needed and the app will automatically calculate the bags needed.