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 Prairie Farm Club Membership Benefits

Crop Reports and Marketing Information:

Finally, a service that will help you make better marketing decisions! Week after week we have farmers ask us "How is the crop condition? I hear that the Eastern US is under drought conditions. Is that true and where?" With your club membership you will know those answers and make better marketing decisions. You will get Corn, Soybean and Wheat Crop Reports and the reports will provide state by state, county by county crop details. No other place can you get Private, Professional Crop Reports. If you’re in a hurry we will also include an overview summary page that gives you a quick glance of crop conditions. This detailed weekly knowledge is provided by Farmers, Crop Consultants, Professional Agronomists and Agricultural Industry Professionals.


Here is a rundown of the valuable information provided:

·Planting Dates (Normal and Actual)

·% of the County Planted

·Stages of Growth ( Leaf Stage and Reproductive Stages )

·Moisture Situation ( Stress on Plants - Water Logged , Drought )

·County Crop Conditions

·Farmer Surveys (Actual yields at harvest )

·Comments by Professional Agronomists ( as to the effects on the Crops )

Successful Farmers will need to market properly in the year 2013 and beyond. Don't be left in the dark anymore!

Every year you here about some area in the country that has crop problems.

Is the information true? Will it actually reducing the yields significantly?

With our crop reports the information will be a click away!


Membership Types:

Prairie Farm Club General Users (Free)– Access to the Crop Reports (Weekly), Newsletters and Product Reviews. Data will be 3 weeks old or more.

Prairie Farm Club Silver Membership (Free to *Reporters otherwise $395.00) Access to the Crop Reports (Weekly) but usually 3 weeks before General Users. Newsletters and Product Reviews available at any time.

*Reporter – Anyone who reports Field Information each week to the Prairie Farm Club Website. If you want to be a Reporter you must register as a Reporter.